Thursday, May 3, 2012

My Hunger Games Book Club Party

In the spirit of the Hunger Games, I decided to host a book club. Here's what I did! (I'll add pics of my party later...)

Starting off, everyone who walked in the door had the chance to vote for their favorite- Team Peeta or Team Gale! Make your voice heard and Vote! Team Peeta or Team Gale?(Team Peeta one hands down at my book club....) You could even be cool like me and make a DIY I-Heart-Peeta T-Shirt.


For the food, I set one table, one half with the foods of the 'Capital' and one half with foods from District 12. I really had to do some guessing on the Capital side and really just tried to focus on fancy, over-the-top foods.

Capital Side

Crystal goblets and white china, set on a lace table cloth. And for that actual food?

*Mini cherry cheesecakes

*Bite sized key lime crumbles

*Fancy sliced French bread

*Strawberries and whipped cream

*Red velvet mini cupcakes

*Orange juice (HAVE to have that orange juice... they talk about it so much!)

District 12

Much simpler, set on a rough piece of woven brown cloth, served in stone and wood dishes. The food?

*Sliced Swiss cheese (reminiscent of the goat's cheese from Primm)

*Sliced apples (as mentioned in the book)

*Home-baked bread (Peeta's bakery, perhaps?)

*Pumpkin bread (seemed homey-and simple)

*Milk (served in a stone pitcher)


I kept these rather simple and book-based. We started with a quiz of over-the-top questions (I'll post a few- see how you do!)

(1) What Hunger Games did Haymitch win? (_____________th)




(2) What is the baker’s favorite meat?

(3) Who is the only male member of Katniss’ prep team?

(4) What score did Rue receive in training?

Pretty tough, right?

And the PRIZE if you got the most quiz questions right? Over-the-top make-up and nail polish, reminiscent of the Capital.

Then I doled out a simple question sheet to promote discussion of the book, with questions like:

· What was your favorite part?

· If you could change one thing what would it be and why?

· Which character do you think you would be in the Hunger Games?

· What part upset you the most?

· What do you feel was the point the author was trying to get across?

Then, I sent everyone home with little gift bags of some European chocolate.... not that Europe existed in the book, but I am sure there was plenty of delicious chocolate! Feel free to steal some ideas. If you are interested in just having my entire format for YOUR party, feel free to go to the 'Contact' section, shoot me an e-mail, and I'll e-mail you my whole text document with pictures, quizzes, and decor as an attachment. (It's a .doc file)

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