Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wednesday: Fishin' in Alaska

On behalf of my grandpa's favorite joke today.... he thought it was hilarious and I have to admit I did, too.

Tuesday: How to Make DIY Dishwasher Cleaner

Funk. Funky. Funkier. Great words to describe some awesome music from the '70's- but when you are talking about a cleaning appliance, these are not words you want associated with them. Namely, your dishwasher. Responsible for destroying all food particles and bacteria from our dishes- but sometimes, they get rather pungent. Also gross.

Don't shell out hundreds of bucks for a fresh new one- make your dishwasher fresh all over again with a very simple DIY dishwasher cleaner.

*Empty your dishwasher

*Put in 3x your normal amount of dishwasher soap (granules or gel)
*Pour 1-2 cups of bleach into the bottom
*Dump a box of baking soda in
*Turn your dishwasher on its hottest, longest setting, and let the machine clean itself for you! You'll be pleasantly surprised at how clean it gets- and love getting that funky smell out!

(PS- Want something to get rid of water drop stains? Re-run your dishwasher on HOT with 4 cups of vinegar. Good luck!)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tuesday: How to Have Perma-Fresh Breath

We've all had it. And we ALL hate it. Bad breath. Halitosis. Morning breath. Coffee breath. Old man breath. There are endless names for it and they are ALL awful. The main causes for bad breath are



*recently eaten food

 So, for ALL of us, here are 5 tips for perma-fresh breath.

1. Hydrate. Like Crazy. You should be drinking water all day long. If your body ever lacks water, one of the first places it is manifests it is in your mouth by lowering the amount of saliva in your mouth. More saliva means less bad breath. Avoid this and drink water all day long.

2. Munch on Veggies. More saliva=less bad breath. Stimulate saliva production by munching on crisp raw vegetables like carrot sticks or celery. The vegetables leave very little scent in your mouth and stimulate your saliva, giving you fresher breath.

3. Leave Mints Be. Mints and small candies will freshen your breath momentarily, but leave a residue that leaves your mouth smelling worse off than before. Want a breath freshener? Try a sugar-free mint gum that won't leave the same residue.

4. Tongue Scraper. Don't have one? Buy one. Your tongue is often the top culprit for any breath issues you have and, no matter how great you brush your tongue, a tongue scraper is more effective for cleaning. Use a tongue scraper when brushing your teeth and even carry one around in your purse during the day for touch ups.

5. Gargle Mouthwash with Your Head Back. One of the toughest places to remove bad breath-causing is in the back of your mouth and into your throat. One of the most effective ways to remove this bacteria is using mouthwash, tilting your head back. It may seem like a small change, but makes all the difference.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wednesday: Pregnant Men

I just say this cause I know how my husband is when he gets sick.... I don't even know what men would
do if they could get pregnant.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tuesday: How to Make Your Own Paint Brush

This may not be your solution to every painting project- especially very complex ones- but when you are running low on supplies or are just in a hurry to touch something up (I fell into this situation the other day)- use a cheap cleaning sponge as a paint brush. Ingenious? Maybe not. But a nice tip when in a tight situation? Yes.