Wednesday, May 2, 2012

How to Clean IMPOSSIBLE Toilet Bowls: Updated!

It doesn't even look like the same toilet bowl- amazing!  We
thought we would have to throw the entire toilet away and get a new one- Nope!
Dirty toilet bowls. Disgusting, no? But the WORST is a stained toilet bowl that you just can't get clean! This is a brief tutorial on how to get the most impossibly dirty toilet bowls clean again! What do you need? Just run to the dollar store and get:
1- The Works toilet bowl cleaner
2- Ajax cleanser
3- Wire scrubber

Step 1: Pour the Works toilet bowl cleaner all throughout the bowl

Step 2: Don some plastic gloves and use the wire scrubber to attack the bad parts of the bowl.

(Repeat steps 1 and 2 until the bowl is clean other than the grey from the scrubbing of the metal scrubber)

Step 3: Flush the toilet bowl (don't want to mix chemicals) and add Ajax cleanser into the bowl and clean normally with a toilet brush.

Step 4: Ta-da! Clean, perfect toilet bowl!


  1. Good post. I am also using Extreme Green Toilet Bowl Cleaner.It clings to all toilet surfaces for an extended length of time allowing for optimum time to clean and disinfect. It's red colouring allows you to see where you are applying it and how much you are using. Thank you for sharing..

  2. This brand is really recommended because in our house the same brand we are using because I already know that it cleans and take away stained.Tried and tested for years.

  3. @Plumbing, amen to that! The Works is GREAT! But, from time to time, it doesn't get some crazy hard water stains, and that's when I go to work with that metal scrubbie, getting down and dirty!

  4. Hey there. I just tried this technique and I was somewhat pleased with the results. I felt like "The Works" toilet cleaner was the biggest thing that helped as it did the most damage and the yellowish-orange stains that I was trying to get rid of. With that said, I didn't think the toilet looked good-as-new, and I was also very concerned about the fact that this method involved mixing an ammonia-based product (The Works) and the Ajax with bleach. I know it says rinse thoroughly but make sure you REALLY REALLY rinse thoroughly as these products when mixed together can create fatal chlorine gas fumes!! I think I will be trying a different method to see if I can get the toilet bowls just a tad bit cleaner, but it was a good start I suppose!

  5. I like a pummie pumace stone. It works like a charm.

  6. Ever heard of muratic acid? Half muratic half water in chemical sprayer, walk away, in 5 minutes done, no scrubbing etc

  7. The Works is hydrochloric acid based; not ammonia-based. Hydrochloric acid IS muriatic acid.

  8. I don't understand why the toilet turned gray. It was white but stained before.

    1. It turns gray from the metal scrubber.

    2. Just the lighting...

    3. gray?! you mean gold or blue? lol

  9. I never realized how much of a difference the brand made for toilet bowl cleaner. The toilet in my apartment has been disgusting since I moved in. I thought it was just gonna look like that the entire time I lived here because Chlorox brand wasn't even touching it. I tried The Works like you said and I barely had to scrub it, never mind take a wire scrubber to it.