Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tuesday: How to Cut Melons, Apples, and Pineapples to Get the Most Fruit

I got some tips from a produce specialist on how to cut fruit correctly. Since part of their job is cutting pounds and pounds of fruit, I thought I'd share their professional tips. This is how to cut fruit correctly to get the most usable fruit. I thought it would be just in time for summer fruit season!

1- Cut off the top and the bottom of the melon
2- Insert your knife into the inside of the melon use it to cut off the skin by following the blade as closely as possible to the skin. Once you have cut a full 360 degrees, take your knife out. All of the skin of the melon should be removed with this cut.
3- Cut the melon in half (if cutting a honey-dew or cantaloupe, remove the seeds now)
4- All done! Just cut the remainder into bite-size chunks

1- Cut the apple lengthwise, following the steps in the diagram. This will leave the core intact and you won't need to make any awkward curved cuts to remove it from your apple pieces. Simply slice the remaining apple pieces into a desired size

1- Cut off the top and bottom of the pineapple
2- Hold the pineapple upright and use long, downward cuts to remove the skin. 8 cuts lengthwise will allow you to remove the pineapple skin and keep as much fruit as possible
3- Next, cut the core the same way that you cut the core out of the apple (see diagram)
4- All done! Just cut the remainder into bite-size chunks

1- Easy as can be- use a clean straw to poke out the center core of the strawberry, then cut to desired size and enjoy!

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