Saturday, May 19, 2012

Friday: Upcycled DIY Name Hanging- with Paper Towel Roll!

As my second project in my DIY up-cycled projects done with empty paper towel rolls/ toilet paper rolls, I made this name wall hanging. Cute for bedrooms, nurserys, or grandma/grandpa gifts if you have your children help assemble them. What do you need?

*Wide ribbon
*Fun paper/black marker
*Needle and thread
*Empty roll
*White spray paint

Not a bad set of items, right? You probably already have all of it on hand. It's easy to put together!

1. Cut the empty roll on one side and then into 1/2 inch wide strips (1 strip for each letter in the first/last name) (the pieces should look like a C)

2. Spray paint these pieces white- allow to dry

3. Use your black marker and cute paper to make separate letters for the name

4. Tie each end of the wide ribbon into a know

5. Lastly, use your needle and thread and put it first through the letter, next, through the white 1/2 piece of paper towel roll, and then through the ribbon. Make sure to put a knot in the very end of the thread (bottom of the letter), a knot where you want the 1/2 piece of roll to stay, and again on the back of where you secure the letters. Repeat this with each letter, evenly spacing out each letter on your strip of ribbon

6. Hang your awesome creation on the wall! You can hang it vertically or horizontally- and depending on the paper and ribbon you use, it can be absolutely darling!

STILL have extra paper towel rolls? Make a 3D Dragonfly or a Disposable Flower Vase.

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