Saturday, May 5, 2012

Friday: Kiddo DIY Fun Toy!

Shake and play!
This is a really easy and entertaining toy! Not to mention inexpensive!

*Empty hand sanitizer bottle (thoroughly cleaned)
*Red food coloring
*Olive oil
*Super glue

Fill half of the bottle with water and add a drop of red food coloring. Next, fill to the top with olive oil to the brim. Lastly, put a generous amount of super glue in the lid and screw on to the bottled. If you have a flip-lid, make sure to put extra super glue where the lid flips to keep it SAFE FROM SPILLS!

Lastly: Let dry- then shake and enjoy! Good anti-stress toy for mom, too!

Try out Stroller Buddy. Again, so easy it barely deserves to be mentioned, but with this one, just buy a spool of ribbon, cut 3-4 foot pieces, and use them to tie toys to your stroller. That way, when you are out for a brisk walk, your child can have something to play with and you don't have to stop and continually pick up dropped toys. (Note: They ARE long ribbons, so do take care and watch your babies with them.)

Or how about Bath Buddy? For this one, just get an empty dish soap bottle. Fill it with warm water and a drop or two of
food coloring- better yet, let your little one pick the colors and drop them in themselves. Then throw your kiddos in the tub and use this special, 'magic water' when you need to rinse the shampoo out of their hair. This is perfect for kids who hate getting water in their eyes/on their head, because they think it is so neat to have 'magic water' that is only used for rinsing- it also leaves their bath water just SLIGHTLY colored, which makes it fun for bath time, too!

Like I said, almost brain-dead ideas, but hey! If they help anybody, then awesome!

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