About Me

I currently live in Texas with my hubby, daughter, and son.
I've put off writing an "About Me" page because I didn't start this blog to be all-about-me: I started it to put useful thoughts and tips out there to help others. After two years, however, I feel like I want to let all of you out there in cyber-space know a little bit about me.

I'm an over-goaler, traveller, linguist, reader, cook, burgeoning writer, and pianist at heart. I've tried to keep my life an adventure. Before getting married and having children, I travelled the world as much as I could, visiting Bolivia, France, Jamaica, Finland, and more. I lived in Moscow, Russia as a volunteer English teacher, and Tokyo, Japan as an LDS missionary. I speak fluent Japanese, work as a Japanese to English translator at home, and have a bachelor's degree in psychology.

I feel mostly satisfied about where I am in life and what I have accomplished, but I feel like of all I have seen and done, my children are my greatest accomplishments. And I want my two babies to know that what I have learned from my time being a mother has trumped everything else I have learned as an adult.

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