Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tuesday: How to Do Your Makeup in 2 Minutes

The Official Before-After
Sometimes, I feel lazy when it comes to getting ready and it feels like a hassle to do my makeup. So, one morning, when I felt really lazy, I told myself, "Just do your fastest routine. It won't be that bad." and so I timed myself. BOOM! Under two minutes. In the off-chance that this helps someone else out there, this is how I do my make-up in two minutes. (forgive me, I only have my own face to use an example)

My products of choice
-Good foundation (I liked Nu Skin's tinted moisturizer, because it gives a good cover, but feels like moisturizer
-Black eyeliner
-Bronze powder (got mine for .99 at Charlotte Russe)
-Light pink shimmer (from the dollar store, oh yeah!)
-Black mascara

Step 1: Apply foundation (25 seconds)

After step 1

Step 2: Use the bronze powder to dot your cheek bones and then brush over your eye area, avoiding the actual lid (5 seconds)

Step 3: Using the pink shimmer, dot your cheek bones and then apply directly to your eyelid, underneath your eyebrow arch, and dot sparingly at the corner of both eyes (to brighten them up!) (7 seconds)

Step 4: Using your finger tips, blend the makeup on your cheek bones and on your eye lids so there are no define lines (10 seconds)

Step 5: Use the eye liner on just the outside corner of your eyes, focusing on the eye lids (15 seconds)
After step 2, 3, 4, and 5

Step 6: Apply mascara (a good mascara can take a couple of coats, so use the rest of your time here)

ALL DONE! And you have a nice, beach-y summery look! Win. One thing that really makes this proces speedy is to use your fingers instead of a make-up brush. Not only is it much quicker, it's actually far more sanitary, since you wash your hands far more often than your make-up brushes.

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