Saturday, May 19, 2012

Friday: DIY Up-Cycled Paper Towel Roll into a Disposable Flower Vase!

Maybe it's the kindergartner in me, but every time I throw away empty paper towel rolls or toilet paper rolls, I feel like I should be saving them. So, I did some thinking and came up with a few ways to up-cycle your old toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls into something that doesn't suck. In fact, a few of them are pretty cute. Almost chic, even! The first project I will share is a simple flower vase. Perfect to make for a special occasion where you want to have vases that match perfectly to a theme, or for giving garden flowers to neighbors. What do you need?

*1 paper towel roll
*1 sheet cute paper
*Clear masking tape
*Glue stick
*Plastic baggie

Step 1
Cut your paper towel roll to the length you want your vase to be, then push it flat (to create corners), and push flat on the opposite side (giving you a square shape).
Step 2
Step 2
Next, take a plastic baggie and push it into your new square roll, so only the edges hang out. (I had zip-baggies, so I cut my zip-top off)

Step 3
Using your clear masking tape, seal the edges of the baggie to the outside of the paper towel roll.

Step 4
Next, cut a piece of paper to be the same size as the paper towel roll (and maybe just slightly longer) and then glue it to the outside of the paper towel roll (gluing it on will make it easier to tape on later).
Step 5: Adding small pieces
of tape to the edge of each
sheet of paper to secure it
to the ed

Step 5
Lastly, use a few long strips of clear masking tape to cover the entire sheet of paper and make sure no paper is exposed. Then, just add a few small pieces of tape to each end (1 for each side, 4 on top, and 4 on bottom) to secure the edges of the paper onto the roll.

Now, you are done! You have an awesome (possibly chic) vase that you can giveaway or share! You can also use empty paper towel rolls to make a 3D Dragonfly or a DIY Wall Hanging.

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