Saturday, April 7, 2012

Friday: Hunger Games I Heart Peeta T-Shirt

Hunger Games.

Obsessed much, America? I know I am. And if my Hunger Games Book Club Party isn't enough, how about a DIY t-shirt? (Perfect for the hostess of said book club party...)

This is how I made my Hunger Games t-shirt. I like the rough, almost unfinished look. Makes it more District 12-ish. (I know, obsessed...) Hope it works well for you! (Do you love Peeta? Or Gale? Vote Team Gale or Team Peeta! !)

Step 1: Collect your materials. You will need:
                *Black t-shirt
                *Red and black
                  clothing paint
                *Transparent tape

*Print out of “I PEETA” and print out of the mocking-jay symbol (I used Word, Rockwell Bold Font, size 175 and just looked up a mocking-jay symbol in black-and-white to print out)
*Box cutter
*Piece of cardboard (at least the size of your paper)
*Sponge paint brushes

Step 2: Using your box cutter (BRAND NEW BLADE), cut out the letters in “I PEETA” (the blank spaces become your stencil)

Step 3: Use your box cutter to cut out the colored parts of the mocking-jay symbol. Remember that the white of the cut out will be your stencil, so you will likely end up with 5-6 pieces

Step 4: Apply transparent tape to the back of your stencils (note: if you have a hard time with the mocking jay symbol, you may want to have an extra printed out to use for reference when you put it together)

Step 5: Pour the white and red paint in separate pools on a plate (disposable is best) and use your sponge brush to paint on the letters, white for the words, and red for the symbol (think of the coloring of ‘I NY’) Use a blotting, soft stroke to make sure that you don’t get paint UNDER the stencil. You want all of the paint to stay contained. Another thing that helps is to paint, again in  a blotting stroke, slowly in one direction

Step 6: Remove the stencil carefully, making sure not to smear the letters/character

Step 7: Allow to dry for at least 4 hours

Wear and show your Hunger Game/Gale pride!

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