Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Secret to Smooth, Shiny Floors You Can Eat Off Of.

Believe it or no- Hand Sanitizer! I discovered this by accident once when I was refilling a small bottle of sanitizer from a larger one and happened to spill it on the floor. Upon wiping it up, I knew that my floor cleaning habits would never be the same... How to do you use it? Let me tell you!

1. Clean/mop your floor as normal.
2. Once your floor has dried, sprinkle on a fair amount of hand sanitizer on it (I just use the bottle from the dollar store- lasts through a few moppings)
3. Next, use a paper towel to dry the floor.

Take a look at the paper towel you just used. Keep in mind that you used it on a CLEAN floor! Mine came away brown!

The benefits? A doubly-cleaned, sanitized floor that you can feel good eating off of. Literally. (PS. NOT for wood floors.)

 (And, yes, I know about so-called super germs...I'm sure my floors now support them... ;)


  1. Has anyone tried this would work on laminate wood floors?

    1. Try it on one small corner and see if it leaved a good finish or not.