Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Monday: When You're a Mom

As someone who had a goal of visiting a new country every year until she had
children (and did!), this rings particularly true.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Monday: Save a Few Bucks AND Save a Few Lives

For anyone that has read more than one or two entries from this blog, it should be very clear that I am all sorts of cheap and thrifty. If you can buy a $20 product for $10 or even $5, do it! Well, at least that's the way I think when it comes to shopping. So, what's better than saving a few bucks? How about saving a few lives? You can do both with a website I recently discovered called Save1.

Save1 is, in essence, a couponer's best friend. You go to their website, search for what you want to buy, and they'll connect you with coupons from all over the Internet to save you money with coupons from companies like Kmart, Walgreens, New Balance, Target, Overstock, Express.... you get the idea. Use their website and save money. Sound good? Well, it gets better. Save 1 receives a commission each time you use a coupon and they use the funds from this commission to feed starving children. The organizations that Save 1 works with are all accredited, respected charities, like Feeding America, Feed My Starving Children, and Project Peanut Butter.

An easy to understand breakdown from their website

So there you have it. Go to Save1, have some fun shopping, and know that every time you are saving money, you are helping to save lives. I'm glad that a website like this one exists, but I do wish that more people knew about it! Spread the word on Twitter, Facebook, even MySpace, if you're feeling old school. It's really a win-win situation.