Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wednesday: Kids Say the Cutest Things- No, Really!

Kids really DO say the darndest things! This week, for the Wednesday Lark, I want to share somethig from my family. My mother had the foresight to write down any especially funny or cute things that her 10 children said growing up and compiled it into two volumes of what my family calls ‘cute sayings’. Here are some family favorites (as told by my mom).

Trevor: “I drank the juice out of my gum, but I won’t swallow it down into my skeleton.”

Darby: (said about my friend Claudia after she left our home) “Mom, why do you call her Claudia? That is an uglish name and it has ugly parts to it.”

Trevor: I told Trevor to always stay my baby and never grow up, to which he replied, “I have to or I won’t ever marry and my wife won’t like it.”

Trevor: While at a family party, his favorite aunt came in her new security guard uniform and Trevor avoided her all night. When I told her that he shouldn’t ignore his favorite aunt, he said, “She’s not my favorite aunt anymore; she is a policeman now and we’d better watch out!”

Ben: I was reading Ben a story about a boy named Ben who gets bullied by a boy named Steve. Ben pointed to the name Ben in the book and said, “Is that me?” to which I replied yes. He said, disappointedly, “Oh, dang it, I wanted to be the mean one.”

Davin: I went on a walk with Davin and the baby, but Davin wanted to be carried. I kept telling him that I couldn’t carry him and push the stroller, to which he finally said, “OK! Then I will carry myself!”

Rebecca: When the boys were taking their time getting dressed, just waltzing in their underwear, I said, “Maybe you can wear just your underwear to church and start a fad.” Rebecca, hearing this, said, “I got my underwear on and I am NOT fat!”

Emily (me): “These are board books- when you are bored, you have to look at them.”

Spencer: “My friend had a cool show-and-tell today. His dad works at the dump and found a jacket for him! Why doesn’t dad work at the dump?”

Trevor: I asked Trevor if he wanted a baby sister or a baby brother and he said “I want a girl, cause we don’t need a boy baby, we already have Ben and I don’t want to get rid of him- he’s my best friend!”

Trevor: Trevor brought me a doll and said “Turn this into good.” and I said, “What?”, so he said, “Look at the eyes, they are dumb and also ugly."

I love reading all of these. I've started keeping a journal for my own two babies so that hopefully I can immortalize hilarious things theys say, though at my daughter's present speaking level, the funniest thing she can say now is "Bye-bye" to me whenever her dad gets home- because she wants me to leave, since now that her papa's home, she doesn't need me there. Silly babies. 

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  1. the eyes, they are dumb and also ugly." I much later found the same doll at a second hand store that he had so abhored (it was the father of the 'family oriented' sunshine family) and gave it to him for Christmas one year when he was an adult. (Mom)