Saturday, March 10, 2012

Friday: Easy DIY Earrings Organizer

DIY Earring Post

This is a great (EASY!) way to organize your earrings and only takes a few minutes and a few materials to make. I made mine when I found it hard to find my earrings in sets, since they always seemed to get lost and tangled in my jewelry boxes.

1- Cut out a thick piece of poster board into a rectangle

2- At the top middle of the poster board, make two small holes, about one inch apart.  Put a piece of tape over each hole (the tape helps to reinforce it so that the thread won’t rip through)

3- Thread your needle with embroidery floss and use the needle to puncture the holes you made at the top middle. Thread the floss through and make a knot on each end on the back.

4- Use a needle to make sets of holes (where your earrings will hang)

5- Put all of your earrings in the holes that you have made

6- Hang it up on a nail and never worry about where your earrings are!

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