Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday: Why I still have faith in America

America has its own set of problems, as most Americans are well aware. Economy seems to top our problems list, with education, crime, drugs, and healthcare clamoring after it. Some Americans may even be led to disparage their own country, seeing every dark smudge and all that could be better. They say that their faith in America is lost.

Lost? I say I still have faith in America.


Because Americans are still outraged when they discover a wrong.

I’ve lived in Russia and learned a code word for the mafia so you can talk about them without having any mafia members overhear you, as you live in fear that they might discover your words. I’ve seen the yakkuza (Japanese mafia) clearly recognized for their crimes but living with impunity. I was in a car in Bolivia where we were pulled over and expected to bribe policeman two times within as many hours. So many citizens of so many nations have come to accept corruption. They feel there is little or nothing they can do to protest it without fear of death, so they learn how to manage their lives within a framework of corruption and lies.

I have faith in America because our people still detest scandals. I have faith in America because stories of do-gooders still attract interest and attention in our news. I have faith in America because there still those do-gooders doing their best to assist others in need. I have faith in America because Americans still expect certain standards and rage when they are not met.

The day that we, as Americans, accept corruptions, crimes, and wrongs as inevitable may be the day that I lose my hope in America. However. As long as the people in America understand and act on their right to expect right, we cannot fail.

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