Monday, March 19, 2012

Tuesday Newsday: Baby Sure Loves Her Daddy....

Just love this photo

Tuesday News Days!

This week, Sam and I had our first date night in over a month! And our first time away from baby longer than one hour together. PERIOD! All other date nights were shorter than an hour! We saw the VOW…. Something that I vow to NEVER make someone else watch it.

Baby and Turtle pal
Baby and I made a trip to the mall for shopping and stopped to play in the play-yard. She was so strong and stood up holding on to the turtle. Sam was extra proud of her for spending time with a turtle, since Sam is always trying to make sure that his baby girl loves animals like her daddy. (I keep telling him that ALL little kids love pets and animals….) Plus, mommy got to buy an awesome white pencil skirt. Mommy… looks like a babe. ;)

We also had a fun time with baby’s cousin, as we had a really fun game night- Sam FINALLY learned how to play Phase 10! I just hope I can make Sam play it again.

Exciting week? Well, maybe not that crazy- but we did get to spend a lot of time together, just dad, baby, and I.

Especially daddy and baby- which is good, since he will have her next weekend while I spend time with my sister's in Idaho at.... THE HUNGER GAMES PREMIERE!!! SO sweet.
Loves to sit with papa
Just laying on daddy...

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