Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday Newsdays: Hunger Games Weekend and Baby Shots

Baby at the doctor's
This week was relatively eventful: baby had her well-child visit to the doctor where we learned she had acid reflux.... sad baby..... and got her shots. She cried right when she got her shots, but as soon as I picked her up, she was fine, as if she had forgotten the ordeal already. Which would make sense, as it seems she forgot ME this weekend....

They gave her silver bandaids-
Like they were WANTED her to
pull them off herself....
I took a mini road trip with my mom and sisters to visit my eldest sister for a Hunger Games viewing and party. I was away from her for a total of, what, 52 hours? And when I first saw her when I got home, it was like she didn't know who I was....

Which is entirely unfair, since I had taken her about a month ago for a week in Texas, and when we returned home, she was smiling and laughing with her daddy like she didn't know how she lived without him.
Ok, Sam looks a little tired,
but I love the little monkey baby

I guess she's just a daddy's girl.
The baby I missed this weekend

But returning to the Hunger Games.... we went with a fairly large group and as we discussed how we felt about the movie, the critiques were so mild that I am quite certain there is very little wrong with the movie at all. Like my sister-in-law's "In that one scene in the cave, the blood looked fake on his forehead." Yup. That was it. That was her whole critique. But I wonder- after having all those Twilight movies come out with "Team Jacob" and "Team Edward", will there be a similar "Team Peeta" or "Team Gale" debate? If there is.... I MIGHT just be Team Gale. Maybe. And let me just say that a weekend away with my girls- a blast and a half!

And looking over this particular blog article today, seeing only pictures of my baby- you can see where my mind was all weekend, even if I wasn't home.

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  1. It was a blast, and you have to remember that one of the last times you were out with baby you let someone stick needles in her, she was probably just trying to forget the ordeal ...