Monday, March 12, 2012

Tuesday News-Days: Some-day Nursery and First Solid Meal!

Baby girl is on a 90-day Layaway...

This week, Sam, baby, and I are getting ready to move out of our small, basement apartment. Are we moving? Nope, not even close- but I know that we will be moving in the next few months and am preparing accordingly. 
SO, I am getting everything ready for my someday nursery.
Our new white crib!
Newest addition? This cute little white crib. I bought it at Burlington Coat Factory, and through a combination of gift cards, coupons and other discounts, it came at the low low price of $80! Take that white crib, add my rocker and ottoman and diaper changing station (a little extra paint) and I have the nursery ready to go!
Don't you think she'll be
happier in her own crib
than a pack-n-play?

Not that I HAVE a nursery, but someday when I do, I’ll be ready to go. I can see it now- white furniture, pink and turquoise for bedding, cushions, and curtains…. Just have to get a place to put it all.

Now, if a some-day nursery isn’t enough, little girl had her first solid meal this week- Rice cereal! She kept using the same sucking that she does to drink from her bottle to eat it, but couldn’t figure out how to keep her mouth closed while doing it. This, naturally, gave her face, bib, and me a fine, thin coating of milky rice cereal.
She definitely loved it, though. Just check out the pictures!
Practice makes perfect!
Getting ready...
Daddy RUSHED home to
give her the first bite

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