Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tuesday: Improve your Marriage (Part 3)

I hope all is going well for you- we are up to week three in April and there is a new tip for you. This one will be a little less complicated- If you are still working on Improve Your Marriage (Part 1) and  Improve Your Marriage (Part 2)- you probably have your hands full! If you feel like you can handle it, here's part 3!

Use your actions to show love. You are probably already doing a lot of different things to show that you love your spouse, but try each day to do one thing EXTRA for your spouse: Make breakfast for him if you normally don’t- Take over one of her chores- make the bed if that is normally what he does. Whatever you choose, just do one thing for your spouse that you normally won’t do. As you continue to try to do go above and beyond to do something kind, you will notice that your spouse will likely do a little more here and there- and it will turn into a cycle of both of you working and helping one another.

Definitely a simple thing that will make life a little sweeter.

Post a reply with any good experiences you have! I’d love to hear. Doing great? Continue on with Improve Your Marriage (Part 4)!

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