Monday, April 2, 2012

Mondays: The "Pleasures" of Being a Mom

As a new mom, I do a lot of thinking about my own mother and how she raised me. I ALSO do a lot of thinking about what kind of kid I was growing up and speculate on how my daughter may turn out. Then, of course, I think of all those things I did growing up that probably just about killed my mom.

*Like the time my sister and I took turns wearing roller blades and pulling the other one around by sticking the plunger to the other’s tummy. I can just imagine my mom about threw up when she saw us.

*Like taking every folding chair and table out, plus every blanket not already on a bed outside to build forts- and then it started to rain

*Like how my brothers and I would build a pile of pillows at the bottom of the stairs and see how high we could jump from without getting hurt

*How I cut my hair to the root when it stuck out at the wrong angle (and blamed it on a neighbor, I might add)

*How we would pull the trampoline up next to the house and jump out of bedroom windows onto it

*Or, even better, about how once I turned into a teen, I took my daily shower using three clean towels, every day. No re-use. Meaning I put 3 towels every time I showered into the dirty laundry…. Good thing that I had a big family so my mom could never truly identify me as the culprit….

So, I can’t help but imagine what on earth my little one is going to grow up doing. I wonder sometimes how on earth she survived each day, knowing what HER little ones would sneak off to do. But, since it didn’t kill her- maybe I’ve got a chance.

What’s the worst thing you can remember doing as a kid that probably just made your mom want to throw up?


  1. I was a perfect child and never did anything wrong ;)

  2. My sister and I would jump off the roof of our house onto our trampoline. We lived in a raised bi-level so it was a pretty far drop!!!

  3. Did anyone else use furniture polish to make the floors of their house like an ice rink?? I think my mom fell more than once with that one...