Sunday, May 20, 2012

Friday: Upcycled DIY 3D Dragonfly from Empty Paper Towel Rolls!

I have lots of extra paper towel rolls. I've made  I have this cute dragonfly that I used to make a card for my baby girl's grandma... (inside is complete with her hand and foot print 'signatures', a Disposable Flower Vase, and a DIY Wall Hanging. Waste not, want not, eh?


*Empty paper towel roll
*Spray paint
*Needle and thread
*Piece of colored paper
*Stickers/markers to decorate with

Step 1

Smash the empty roll flat and then cut into 6 thin 1/8 inch wide strips

Step 2 

Spray paint to your desired color and all to dry
Step 4- Secure with stitch
on edge of each
 middle piece

Step 3

Take your sheet of paper and fold it in half (to make the card). Next, thread and knot your needle and thread and run it through the far end of each piece of the empty roll and knot it at the end
Step 4- lay out flay
Step 4- Secure with middle

Step 4

Lay out the connected pieces on your card in two sets of three, making it look like a dragonfly. Use your needle and thread to 'sew' the dragonfly on by securing it with a single stitch in the middle and on the far end of the middle wing on each side.
Step 5

Decorate as desired! You can probably make it look cuter than mine.... Either way, have fun with this idea! Make flowers, leaves, whatever! Makes a cute 3-D card.

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