Tuesday, March 15, 2016

French Toast from Leftover Hamburger Buns

I don't like to waste food. This is a fact. My family likes to eat hamburgers and hot dogs. This is another fact. Sadly, my family seldom eats hamburgers OR hot dogs in multiples of eight's, which means we end up with leftover buns that end up getting tossed out.


Use leftover hot dog/hamburger buns to make french toast!

*They are thicker than traditional bread slices, which makes for thick, deep, delicious french toast.

Fry 'em up

*Have lots of leftovers? Fry them ALL up as french toast and freeze them on a cookie sheet- once fully frozen, pop them into a gallon zipper baggie for easy breakfast or snacks.

*Perfect for stale buns as well!

I know it may sound a bit odd, but it turned out to be some of the best french toast I've ever had!

Cut into chunks and ready for the freezer!
(regular bread french toast on top, hot dog bun toast on bottom)


*5 eggs
*1/2 tsp vanilla
*1/2 cup milk
*1/2 tsp cinnamon

Mix all four ingredients until well combined; dip bun into mixture until fully immersed (wet on both sides) and fry on medium high heat in a greased frying pan on both sides until browned.

Enough for 8 buns.