Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wednesday: DIY Air Freshener

Sometimes you live in a basement apartment. And sometimes that basement is over 100 years old. And sometimes even when the entire place is clean, fresh paint and shop-vacced carpet, it smells old. And if you are me, this 'sometimes' is my daily reality. So, I have been on a constant mission to make my apartment smell nice!

This week's addition? A DIY air freshener. Not tough, and all made with what I already had at home.

Materials1 tsp essential oil (or 2 parts scented extract (vanilla, lemon, almond, etc.) to 1 part olive oil)
Cereal box/mac-n-cheese box etc.
2 print outs of the same cute image
New dish sponge
Needle and thread

Step 1
Glue cute print-out (I did a lemon, since my air-freshener scent is lemon) onto the inside of a cereal box/mac-n-cheese box and cut it out.

Step 2
Cut your new sponge to the same size as the printout and then use your glue to apply the printout to both sides of the sponge (for this, I recommend super glue or a glue gun)

Step 3
Thread your thread through the top middle of the sponge/air freshener and tie the thread together to make a loop

Step 4
Using a dropper (or a small baggie with a tiny hole poked in one end), add your essential oil/scented oil to the sponge portion of your new air freshener.
Hang in your car/office/kitchen/baby's room wherever and just add a few drops of scented oil whenever the scent starts to fade!
All done!

BOOM! Easy! As always....

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