Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wednesday: Grapefruit Mint and 4 Other Ways to Healthfully Jazz Up Water

For this weeks Wellness-Wednesday, I wanted to give you some ideas on delicious ways to spritz up water. The right (or wrong) beverages can literally make you or break you when it comes to a healthy body weight. As great as a diet soda may be to cut calories, sometimes just a fresh look at water can be great way to quench your thirst naturally. These 'water recipes' are a few different ways to jazz up your water without 'adding to the luxury of your waistline.'

Grapefruit Mint
*1 sliced grapefruit and a 5-6 sprigs of chopped mint per 2 liters of water

Cucumber Lemon
*1 sliced cucumber and 1 sliced lemon per 2 liters of water

Lemon Mint
*1 sliced lemon and 5-6 sprigs of chopped mint per 2 liters of water

Strawberry Basil
*6 sliced strawberries and 3-4 sprigs of chopped basil per 2 liters of water

*1/2 sliced grapefruit, 1 sliced lemon, and 1 sliced lime per 2 liters of water

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