Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thursday: PIMP "Perfectly Incredible Mashed Potatoes"

Why be a pimp when you can make PIMP instead? Perfectly Incredible Mashed Potatoes, that is. You can also call these the best mashed potatoes ever- or the most creamy mashed potatoes ever... Basically these mashed potatoes are

*incredibly delicious
*practically negative nutritional value

You can use this as a reward for yourself- or to impress cranky old relatives at family parties.

*4 peeled, diced raw potatoes
*4 tb butter
*4 tb cream cheese
*6 tb sour cream
*dash garlic powder
*salt/pepper to taste

Once you have the ingredients, the how-to is pretty easy.

-Boil diced potatoes in salt water

-While potatoes are boiling, put the butter, cream cheese, and sour cream into a separate bowl

-Once potatoes are ccompletely mashable and soft, drain the water and put the potatoes into your bowl with the butter, cream cheese, and sour cream, then mash, mash, mash

-Season with garlic powder and salt/pepper to taste

Add cheese or gravy to finish them and then enjoy! You won't be able to go back to normal mashed potatoes every again!

Mmm... Chicken Gravy....

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