Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday: Don't be a Frumpy Mom!

Sometimes I see women without children -makeup perfectly applied, hair expertly styled, manicured toes, dressed stylishly with coordinating accessories- and I envy them. I remember when I was once stylish and well put together, but being a 'well put together mom' feels like an oxymoron now. If I can get out the door with my baby wearing something clean and my own teeth brushed, I feel like I've accomplished something.

Much as I want to spend an hour (perhaps two?) getting ready each morning and look impeccable when I leave my home, with a baby, it's really not possible (not to mention a bout of morning sickness to add to my woes).


That DOES NOT mean that I, NOR YOU, need to be a frumpy mom.

Frumpy Momˈfrəm-pē ˈməm: Someone who uses the excuse of being a busy mother to justify lazy and poorly put together outfits. Some examples include 'mom jeans', sweats with flip flops, and the eternal ponytail.

Fortunately, keeping yourself away from being a frumpy mom doesn't have to take hours to do! In fact, while you may never be quite as stylish and fashionable as you were as a single 20's something, you CAN maintain style without compromising your limited time.

Frumpy Mom
Chic Mom

Flip Flops
You throw on any old pair because they are comfortable and easy
As easy and comfortable to wear as flip flops, a pair of flats can make your outfit look more thought out (even if it wasn’t!)

Pony Tails
Yes, they are easy to do- but don’t show any real style (though it is better than not doing anything with your hair…)
Use a few bobby pins or an extra pony tail holder to transform your pony tail into a bun. Only a few seconds longer to get ready, but it will make a world of difference in how you feel looking into the mirror.
A bolo or wide floppy brimmed hat are easy ways to cover your ridiculous hair and, rather than take away from your style, ADD to your suave-ness.

T-shirt and Jeans
It’s a classic- and can look amazing- but too often, we moms (I’m guilty, too!) wear any old shirt and jeans KNOWING it does nothing for your figure
Hanging Necklace and Sweater
Add a light sweater and a long necklace to your t-shirt and jeans and suddenly, you have an adorable coordinated outfit. With minimal effort!

Eeek! You’ll only feel comfortable as Wal Mart past midnight in something like this….
Maxi Skirt/Dress

So, play it up in a maxi skirt or dress instead! Just as comfortable (if not MORE comfy) than your jammies, you can do all of your mom duties in a maxi dress but look perfectly stylish the whole time.

The options!

Shapeless Dresses
The lack of shape makes them comfy to wear and easy to pull on, but trust me: Doing you NO favors. Instead?
Long Necklace and Mini Belt
Throw on the shapeless dress- but add a long necklace to draw the eye up and a mini belt around your natural waist to break up the dress and give you’re a more slender figure.

No Makeup?
We’ve all done it. Perhaps more than we’d like to admit.
The Basics
The basic-basics take less than 30 seconds but absolutely changes the way you look and feel.
*apply blush lightly to cheekbones and then brush over eyelids
*one light, swift coating of mascara on the top lashes only
*lip gloss
Will it look as amazing as a fully done face of makeup? No. But is it a vast improvement over nothing? Hands down.

NOTHING to Wear!
This is my biggest challenge personally. I wake up, have a crazy morning, need to run out the door, and have just no idea of what to wear.
Treat Yourself Like a Kid
How often have you set out clothing for your child for the next day? Or set together outfits for vacation all read to go? Maybe even in a Ziploc bag? Make your OWN life easier- the night before, put together an outfit on your dresser, so that the next morning, all you have to do is put it on. You can even do a week’s worth of outfits and lay them out so everyday, it’s as easy to wear a stylish outfit as it would be to just roll out in your scrubs.

Just pretend you're your own Pinterest and actually SET OUT those outfits you're always pinning...

In the end, it just takes a few moments of preparation before you walk out the door- and I feel like it is totally worth it. I never want my husband to even THINK that I've "let myself go" since getting married... Plus, you don't want to run into an ex looking like a frumpy mom, am I right?

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  1. Ha ha love the 'frumpy mom' picture! This has always been a goal of mine, to not be a frumpy mom, sometimes it's tempting to not put any effort in, but I actually use most of techniques you've listed here, and if I do try, even a little, I feel good when I'm out and about :)

  2. Your frumpy mom post made me giggle.

    No excuse for looking a total bag in my opinion.

    X x

  3. Going from corporate-office-single-mother-fashionista to frumpy-house-wife-of-six... depressing. This article just reopened the wound.

  4. Good ideas but wearing a necklace (or any jewelry) around my baby is a recipe for disaster!

  5. Ha! That can be so true! Guess it depends on the age of your kids!

  6. Thanks so much for this tip. I have been using kids as an excuse to lazy and frumpy. I just started wearing a little make-up each day and it changes my outlook and even makes me flirty with the hubby! Next is the clothes!

    1. Just know you aren't alone! I think we've all been there to one extent or another.

  7. oh, you just sealed it for me! I AM a frumpy mom (I knew it already, but now it hurts--lol)... to Anonymous re: jewelry around baby.. I JUST bought myself an awesome necklace (my baby was always trying to eat mine, so I couldn't wear it anymore)... I bought one called "Jellystone Organic" teething necklace, or chewing necklace... It's a large, silicone pendant designed especially for infants to chew on while teething.. they come in many different colors and sell between $15-$20 depending on where you buy it from.. (They also have an adorable owl shaped one too) and I do feel a little more stylish when I wear it.. LOL Hope that helps on the jewelry front :)

  8. You have some good ideas here. Have you heard of Shari Braendel? She gives great fashion advice! I have her book, "Good Girls Don't Have to Dress Bad" and love checking out her blogs on her website,
    Check her out! She transformed my frumpy mom look, that's for sure.