Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday: Diaper Rash Relief

Diaper rash is, in some ways, inevitable with small babies since they always have their diapers on their precious little bums. Usually, a little bit of diaper rash cream will go a long way, but sometimes, even Desitin seems insufficient. If you've seen a bad diaper rash, you'll know what I mean. Bleeding, red, sore skin that hurts your baby to even touch it. I guess diaper rash is on my mind, as my daughter just recovered from a bad one and these are some of my few tried-and-true tips and remedies.

*When changing your baby's diaper, it can be helpful to rinse their bum off in the skin or shower, using a sprayer with warm water, rather than a wet wipe or sponge, which can further irritate their skin.

*Baking Soda Bath. In a small bath, dump 1/4- 1/2 box of baking soda into warm water and allow your baby to sit/lie in the water for as long as possible.

*Naked Bum Time. For as long as possible during the day, remove your baby's diaper and allow them to play naked on a few towels on the ground, so as to give their poor bum a break from the constant friction of having a diaper against their bum.

*Petroleum Jelly. This isn't something you'll want to use every time, but in maybe 1 out of every 3-4 diaper changes in a day, you can use petroleum jelly to coat their bum, as it will soften the rough, dried, red skin, and create a barrier between your baby's bum and their diaper/urine/feces.

*Bordeaux's Butt Cream. This costs a pretty penny, but when your poor baby is bleeding on their bum from a diaper rash, this product is well worth it. Use a cotton swab to apply the cream to their rash to get the most out of each use.

*Lecithin. For extreme rashes, you can apply lecithin to your baby's caboose; it will aid in a quicker healing time.

*Change Diaper Often. One of the most important things to do once your child has a rash is to change their diaper as often as possible, because every time you change their diaper, the affected area is
*dried out
*given a break from their diaper

A mixture of any and all of the above should help aid recovery from a bad diaper rash. I wish you all the best, as a sore bum is the saddest thing ever.


  1. petroleum jelly and baby powder at the same time works great too. I swear by it! ;-)

  2. I had girls with bad rash. I swear by a cream called calmoseptine. It is at pharmacies only. My Target pharmacy stocks it behind the counter. I also made a spray bottle with a big squirt of baby soap, and little baby oil and fill it with water. I would spray their bums and then wipe with a soft paper towel like viva. I think I am the only one with a paper towel holder above my changing table. But much less harsh than baby wipes.

  3. I've never used anything more than cornstarch :)

  4. I've never used anything other than cornstarch :)

  5. We are on our 2 second child and still use the honest diapers brand. With my 1st daughter we tried some less expensive brands and they all leaked. Honest NEVER LEAKED....My new little one is 4 months and sleeps all night long. When she gets up in morning, the diaper is so full to the max but the sheets and her clothing are all very dry!!

  6. We ran out of our honest wipes and had to substitute with huggies all natural and now my son has a really bad rash :( idk what to do cause its 12:45am and everything is closed. We don't have any of this stuff on hand except a&d ointment and that just seems to hurt him more

    1. If its a really bad rash, let him sleep without his diaper- just have minimal blankets and know that you will have to wash everything- but the exposure to the air, coupled with no diaper, will start the healing process. And make sure to use water to rinse off his bum- run it under the sink! But don't actually put a cloth on his bum. Hope this helps!!

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