Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday: Re-designed Kitchen Chairs

This is a story about the fabric that changed my kitchen. I ended up with a bolt of this turqouise fabric and re-designed my whole kitched around it. I made new curtains with it, re-upholstered my chairs, made a tablecloth, I will be making a rug, and, of course, prompted me to buy a nice can of matching turquoise paint.
These chairs were pretty simple.... because my mom helped me and gave me all the tips and tricks I needed to get it right.

1- I removed the seat and then painted my chairs with a single coat of turquoise wall paint, allowed it to dry, and touched up a few places until it looked awesome.

2- I re-covered the seat of the chair. This could have gone very badly, but fortunately, my mom gave me the tips I needed to get it done. I forgot to take pictures as I was doing them, so I used a pillowcase to show you the way to do the corners. When re-upholstering the base of a chair

*Get a piece of fabric that is enough to cover the seat and go a few inches more.

*Using a staple gun, put one stable on the middle of two opposing sides of the fabric, pulling the fabric tight, but not stretching it.

*Repeat this, putting one stable in the middle end of the other two opposing sides of fabric, again, pulling the fabric tightly, but not stretching it.

*Apply a few staples to the left and right of each original center staple on side one, side two, side three, and side four. Then, in a second round, apply a few staples to each edge until you have almost reached the corner pieces.

*When doing the corners, staple it in three steps, following the picture below, by first pulling the center of the corner and stapling, folding over one side, stapling it, and then folding over the other side, stapling it.

*From there, staple any section that seems loose.

Then, I put my new seat back onto my newly painted chairs.... and they look awesome! (Well, I was really happy with mine, anyhow. I was worried about the turquoise being too much, but I do love it.)

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