Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tuesday: How to Clean a Greasy, Dirty, Caked on Pan WITHOUT Crazy Chemicals or Tough Scrubbing

Wanted to show it half done..
My before
This is easy. Unbelievably easy. I took pictures as my proof- but you'll have to try it at home to know for sure yourself.

All you have to do is cover the dirty part of the pan with water and a squirt of dish soap. Then, put your pan on the stove and turn the heat up until the water is boiling. Let it boil for a few minutes but make sure that the water doesn't all evaporate out. Then, dump out the boiling water and use a soapy sponge or dish cloth to wash the entire thing clean.

So easy to remove what used to be crusted on food. For my example, I used a pan that I cooked bacon in the night before, so mine was caked on greasey-grossy.

Keep in mind, you only need a squirt of dish soap, a little water, and a soft cloth!


  1. Been using this method for years. Learned tip fron my mom but she used home-made lye soap. She filled pan, swirled in soap shavings (yes, shavings made with old vegetable peeler), brought it to boil then on low so simmered while we ate. When time to do dishes pan was virtually clean. Just wiped with damp cloth.

    1. Ooh, soap shavings would really cut down on the grease, too.