Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday: Simple Frosted Lantern

Have you ever finished a jar of homemade raspberry jam and wondered, "Hmmm, there must be something more I could do with this jar...." Well, with a few minutes and the spare change in your pocket, there is!

*Pint (or quart) size glass jar
*A flexible wire (11/2 feet in length should be sufficient)
*Spray frost (like spray paint, but it comes out as a frost)
*Star, circle, or other sweet shape of sticker
*Wire cutters

Step 1:
Apply the stickers you have chosen in a desirable pattern on your jar.

Step 2:
Using wire cutters, cut your piece of wire into a 6 inch length and 1 foot length. Wrap the 6 inch piece of wire loosely around the mouth of the jar. Next, wrap the 1 foot piece of wire around a pencil, giving it a loop shape, and then wrap each end around the piece of wire that you have twisted around the mouth of the jar. Twist the ends securely so that the piece of wire around the mouth of the jar is now tight and no longer loose.

Step 3:
Holding the wire handle you have attached, spray a fine, even coating of frost on your can. Allow to dry.

Step 4:
Remove the stickers; put a little tea candle in your jar and voila! Cutest lantern ever. Fun craft, too!

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