Friday, December 6, 2013

DIY Bulk Pancake Mix

Why pay for a pancake mix at the store when you can pre-mix it in bulk (at less than half the cost of name brand pancake mix) and have it ready to go anytime? WHY?!?! Ain't no reason. Follow these easy-to-make mix instructions and save some money on breakfast!

7 1/2 cups flour
1 cup sugar
1/2 cup baking powder
2 Tb salt
(yields 9 cups of dry mix)

Step 1
Mix all the dry ingredients together and seal in an air-tight jar/container. The end! Follow the table for mixing instructions.

Dry Mix
Melted Butter/ Oil
1 cup
1 Tb
1 cup
10 pancakes
½ cup
1 Tb
1 ½ cups
15 pancakes
2 cups
2 Tb
2 cups
20 pancakes

This is included in my Christmas on the Cheap project because it can make for great neighbor gifts! Throw a bag of chocolate chips into your dry mix, then parcel out into mason jars, which you can decorate and pass out to neighbors, teachers, etc.
Stole this photo from
because of their simple and cute decorating
method with their jar.
As part of my Christmas on the Cheap project, please note:

Cost:  1.75 per gift
9 Cups Dry mix (with bag of chocolate chips): 4.50
This was just how much my groceries cost me- you can get it cheaper, I am sure.
4 Mason Jars (from Goodwill): 2.00
Lids and Ring for 4 Jars: .50
Time: 10 minutes (plus decorating time)

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