Thursday, February 23, 2012

Airport Security- Under and Over Kills

A few years after 9-11 occurred, when airport security was in full force, I made a trip down to South America.

At that time, I was working as a stocker at a local grocery store and owned dozens of box cutters; they were as common for me as a ball point pen is for a banker. They could be found in my car, purse, backpack- anywhere I was, basically.

Knowing the rigid guidelines for airport security, imagine my surprise when, after successfully completing my flight, I looked into my purse and found not one, but TWO box cutters.

Please keep in mind that most theorists believe box cutters were used in the 9-11 attacks.

Now, because I was young and stupid (the two often go hand-in-hand), I thought I would experiment and see if I could make it back into America with the same two box cutters. I left them in my purse, in plain view, and proceeded to fly home.

I made it through not one, but TWO hand-searches through my purse and through international security. I arrived home with the same two box cutters, unknown and untouched.

Fast forward a few years. Allow me set a scene for you. I am going through security by myself with my five month old daughter. Stroller, carry on, car seat, diaper bag, three extra blankets, and, of course, my sick daughter. I am stopped and asked to have my fingers tested for ‘trace explosives’.

All I can think is that I hope this is a sign that all the money and time they have spent in the last five years to amp up security has actually worked.

What do you think?

I made it in and out of the country with box cutters in open sight…. and then was randomly tested (baby in tow) for trace explosives.

Please tell me this is a sign of airport security actually being worth the time and trouble.

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