Friday, February 24, 2012

Chocolate Goals

Goals. A great way to get something done- or to disappoint someone.

There seem to be two different methods to goal setting.
First, there are those that are clear, concise, and readily attainable. They don’t challenge you
very much, but you obtain it nearly every time.

Example: I will eat one less chocolate bar a week.

Secondly, there are the goals that are so steep and so high that
they are almost never attained.

Example: I won’t eat chocolate for two years.

With the first type,
you have a good change of actually accomplishing. The second? Rarely, if
ever. Which is the best way to run your life?


For some, unknown reason, people seem inclined to believe
that there are absolutes for each thing they do in life.

EVERYTHING made at McDonald’s
is garbage, or NO VEHICLE should run on fossil fuels.
Reality doesn’t usually work with absolutes.
And so the answer?

A balance.

For some things, like learning a language, a goal to become
fluent in six months (ridiculous) will have the ability to push someone to
learn more than what they would have if they had set a more reasonable goal.

For others, like losing weight, a more realistic goal, like
1-2 pounds a week, has the power to motivate you to actually lose weight in the
long term than a goal of 15 pounds in 2 weeks would.

So, which should it be? Give up chocolate for two years? Or one fewer chocolate bar a

Figure out what, for yourself, will actually get you on the
path to change- and then DO it.

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