Tuesday, February 28, 2012

America is Number.... Seven?

MSN recently reviewed some of the richest nations in the world. They posted online the top seven. Seven? Not top five, ten, or twenty? Nope, it was the top seven.


Because the United States was number seven.

So, naturally, they had no inclination to go any further. For if there is one thing we Americans are, it’s a little ego-centric. The center of the universe hasn’t been found yet, but when it is, we are all quite sure that it will be found in America. That’s why when MSN looked at wealthy, important countries, they knew their list only had to reach to America.

If America was the fourth wealthiest country in the world, then the list would have been the top four richest countries in the world.

And, according to MSN, it seems that being an oil-rich exporter is what puts nearly all of the other six countries ahead of the US.

So, dear America, if we want to bump ourselves up in the global wealth sector, we must either go totally green and use nearly NO oil and reply on other resources for energy, thereby giving no monetary gains to those oil nations, or else crack open every possible oil main we have and export ‘til the cows come home.

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