Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday: Online Couponing Made Easy

Couponing. Sometimes I feel like it's synonymous with being a stay-at-home mom. Most of the stay-at-home moms I know coupon, either extreme-coupon style, or just a few diaper coupons here and there. I must say, it's those extreme couponers that give me major guilt. You know, when they brag about the two cases of green beans that they bought for a dollar each... So, it's only natural that I would coupon.


I coupon with moderation.
Here, you'll find a basic compilation of the most useful websites for couponing and save you from the headache of searching, downloading, and sifting through hundreds of thousands of websites that are far from useful.

There are many websites telling you about various deals, sales, coupons, and perfect ways to combine them- but I mean it when I say there are MANY websites. Let me give you the top four websites that actually have coupons, and not just a list of sales.

Websites With Coupons
(Most require you to install a coupon printer- do so at your own discretion. Oftentimes, the website will try to piggy-bag a program or two on the coupon printer so that you will unknowingly install extra programs. To avoid this, watch the download steps very carefully and make sure to uncheck any extra program you don't want to download.)
1. is probably the most popular coupon website, as it has the greatest variety of coupons. Most coupons have a print limit, generally only allowing two or three printings per coupon. Coupons are added and taken off daily, so it can be helpful to get on a few times a week (if and ONLY if you have the time) has a medium amount of coupons available at any given time, but their grocery coupons are mixed with a large amount of random website coupons, i.e. entering into a vacation raffle, buying flowers on line, etc., so expet to spend some time sorting through them all.

3. doesn't have as many useful coupons available as, but it does have a fair amount of coupons. It also has a nice feature where you can either print the coupons directly or load them onto a card for use at the store, which requires no clipping/printing.


While has many deals and coupons, it is a bit harder to navigate. It doesn't have as many direct coupons available, but the ones it does have are really useful. It can take some time to go through and find what is available, which is why it is number four on the list.

Websites With Couponing Information

There are seemingly infinite websites teaching, informing, and directing you in how to use coupons, where to use coupons, where to find coupons- it can be overwhelming. I was going to give you a few options, but, honestly, combined with the websites for printing coupons above, all you need is

I can definitely give the top ranking for websites that teach you to coupon. Its main features are that it features the ads of every area/state in the United States for nearly every store. All you have to do is create an account with them, select an area, and select the store where you want to shop (Wal-Mart, K-Mart, WinCo, etc.), and it will automatically show you a listing of that stores best ad prices, matched with coupons that are available. For example, if you select Target in Delaware, it would show you that Chef Boyardee pastas are on sale for .99 each, and that there are coupons available for .50 off of 1. (if it is an online coupon, CouponMom will also include a link to where the coupon is located) Then, it will show you the final price of .49 each. Helpful? Heck yes! Especially when you consider that it shows ALL of the ad prices for ALL stores in an area, combined with the best coupons available. Sweet!

An example of some of the great information available on

Hope this helps start you on your way! Start saving a few bucks.

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