Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday: DIY Quiet Book

I made this little quiet book for my baby girl for Christmas. I'll be honest, going through her hands (she likes to chew on books- guess she's hungry for knowledge?) I'm no sure how long it will last, but I loved how it turned out and wanted to share it in case you are making a quiet book, too, but are short on ideas.

*blank board book
*permanent markers
*colored construction paper
*various printed scrapbook paper
*embroidery floss*washi tape
*reflective paper
*wood glue
*clear tape
*various 3-D objects (for the cover)
*card stock stickers

I'll give you a few how-to's for each page, but I mostly just want you to be able to look at my pages and see if it gives you ideas for your own book for your own little one. Good luck!

Front Cover
Buttoms on scrunched cloth, felt shapes, raised letters, and washi tape on the
right (covered washi tape with clear tape for extra protection)

Flowers are from a scrapbook print paper, washi tape for stems and surrounding edges.
Washi tape on edges secured with extra clear tape
Fish page is made up of little fish I cut out of textured cardstock (to make them fun
to touch) and the jelly fish has a few strings of embroidery floss wood-glued on,
then covered with the jellyfish itself
Textured shapes on the right, two colors, so you can focus on learning the shapes
Rainbow string page, I attached each piece with clear tape on the top and bottom,
then re-inforced the whole thing with a ton of wood glue and the blue piece of
paper on bottom and top. Bonus? Stretch the thread tight and it'll give a quiet
 'ping' sound when your child flicks it
Left is reflective paper glued on adn then surrounded with washi tape (reinforced
with clear tape, of course)
Right is pink scrapbook paper and sticky die-cut shapes, so they are raised up
from the page and fun to touch
Alphabet stamps colred in on the left, and circles with numbers on the right-
makes it easy to learn counting, right?
Simple enough- colored rectangles to practice learning colors. The right is a heart
where a picture of my baby girl goes, I just haven't put it in yet- so then she can
lookat it and say, "Ah, my mama loves me".... ok, she won't say that, but I will
certainly tell her that's why I put her picture in the heart


  1. What a great idea and such a nice book. I'm definitely making one for my daughter and son. I'll let you know how they turn out.

  2. Thanks so much! Mine has held up very well, considering it belongs to a toddler and she's had it for seven months. I hope yours turns out great!