Friday, April 26, 2013

Tuesday: 10 Simple Life Hacks

10 simple life hacks for saving money on hand soap, cleaning using fabric refresher, new uses for aluminum foil, and basically making your life just a little bit easier and simpler. Passing it on and hoping it makes life better!


  1. Hey I'm curious, why use nair for shaving? I know nair removes hair but so does shaving.. Confuses me!

    1. You don't use it on dry skin or long enough for the depilatory effects to take place- the chemicals in Nair that are used to dissolve hair are powerful and drying to the skin, so Nair manufacturers try to make up for it by making their solution incredibly moisturizing. So, when you use it in the shower as a shaving cream instead of as a depilatory cream, you don't get the damage/hair dissolving effects (because it doesn't sit on dry skin for minutes at a time) but you DO get all the smooth, moisturizing effects, which is why your legs feel fabulous when you use it to shave. Hope this helps!