Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday: Ode to Single Mothers

You may see me stare at you
And gasp, with mouth agape
Then you may see me turn around
And whisper with my mate

You may feel judged, unworthy
Then weak or filled with blame
For anger may rush through you
As you stand, with heart ashamed

But listen close, dear mother
To what I tell my spouse
It isn't of faults, oh no,
But the goodness in your house

I begin, "Look at her strength
The load she bears so well
She plays ma and pa together
Her children cannot tell

Of the courage and love it takes,
The will with which she fights
When a child wakes for comfort
She alone dries tears at night."

So, please feel no ill as I watch,
And know that as I am standing,
I stare for envy, for shock and for awe,
At your kindness, your strength, and commanding